Friday, July 23, 2010

Our New Home :)

Yes you read the post correct, we are finally in a home. We did not buy the house in Suffolk, but instead went with Lincoln Military housing which put us in a wonderful new home. It was built last year and it's huge. We have a four bedroom home with 2 1/2 bath. We loved having a lot of space, the boys are able to play all over and not in just one room. We are also able to let Kodi have his fits and not worry about bothering others like we did in the hotel.
We have one room that is called the THINKING ROOM, where the boys are able to take a time out in when they are not listening. The room will soon have a swing up for them to swing and having some better input as they are screaming at us. Right now Kodi will take the little four drawer plastic bookcase and throw the toys out and get his anger out that way instead of trying to hurt me. Which I look at it as a good thing, we have tried blowing up balloons for him to pop, that worked for a little bit, I have tried bubble wrap for him to pop, so lets pray that this one works. I am thinking about putting some toys that won't hurt if I do get one thrown at me like soft blocks or stuff animals right now it has cars and some of their "guys" they play with.

As for getting Kodi's his speech and OT we are just waiting to hear back from children's if I don't hear by this afternoon than I am going to call and see what is up. We also have an appointment with a neurologist for the Boys they will be actually tested for SPD and we will see if we can finally get Kodi and Kingston the help they need. We have started to see some of the same actions and fits that Kodi has with Kingston, but other ones what Kodi doesn't have at all. So we are going to get him tested as well. Kingston will also be tested for speech I can understand him just fine since I speech KK, but others have a hard time understanding him.

We had decided to send Kodi to another year of pre-school, but as I feared the school system is not very good in Portsmouth actually it SUCKS. We have been trying to find out where he would be going for pre-k and Aaron talked to the Special ED director who said he was to old for the DAC center and that he would go the Mt Hermon so we called Mt Hermon and she said no he would go to the DAC center and since he is trying 5 he will be going to Kindergarten. Did she not understand that we were not sending to Kindergarten until he is 6 because he is so behind which is why we wanted to wait another year for school. But she really didn't want to talk to him on the phone and was not helpful at all. We have been looking at a private school for Kodi some of the nurses Aaron works with have their kids in this school and I believe it's the answer to our prayers for Kodi and his school.
Its called Chesapeake Bay Academy it is a small school about 150 kids but they all have learning disables. We have heard very good reviews and we are excited to go and meet with the director on Monday. If he does go to that school he will be gone all day and than I would only have to monster here with me.

Peyton is doing great, no sickness or problems breathing. He is HUGE we will be going in for his 6 month check (which one again we are late on) next week. I am sure he is like 25 lbs, in order for me to carry him around I have to put him in the baby carrier which I don't mind because I love wearing my boys. He too has loved being able to just get on the floor and roll, he is starting to rock back and forth while he is up on his hands and almost his knees. He is very good at rolling if he seeing something he wants to just rolls until he gets there. It's pretty funny to watch.

As for me I am good, this past week I was able to find a very good friend of mine on facebook. She was my childhood best friend and I am so blessed to have found her once more. I am still unpacking while trying to keep the house clean. I am made a goal to be a less "yelling" mom and try and be a loving but firm mom. I am always telling Aaron that we need to stop yelling be quite why should they be quite when we are yelling at them. Hello

That is about it since we have moved here I will upload some pictures of the house very soon.