Friday, June 11, 2010

The nightmare continues

I am not sure if we will ever buy a home after our experiance with this house. We there were informed yesterday that we will be going to a mediator and if that doesn't work than the seller is going to sue us for not buying the house.
We have seen a JAG officer and a real estate lawyer as well as help from our friends and Family, we all can't believe it has gotten to this point. I will be submitting a formal complaint against our realtor for not doing his job. If we would have known the ins and outs of the contract and what the law said we would have never listened to our realtor.
Life would be much easier if people were honest. But the fact is that people are not and we are dealing with that right now. Hotel living is not that bad, the boys love swimming every day in the pool and just being with dad. Our days a super long when Aaron is working since he works 12 hour days and there is much for us to do downtown. I don't mind walking around and seeing what we can see and do down here. Yesterday we went down the pier and walked around watched them get ready for the some festival that is happening this weekend.
Life was not suppose to have gone this way for us but I am trying to keep a positive outlook and remember that the Lord knows what is going on and I have to keep my faith in him and know he is looking out for us. We will have learned some king of lesson after this and when I figure that out I will let all of you know. Until than I am doing my best and trying to keep our boys from not killing each other in the hotel room. I have to say way to much TV watch is happening as we speech and many meltdowns are happening because of that.


Jami said...

We are just floored at what a joke this has been for you guys. I always have to get the updates from Karen and Dave... I wish I could be there to be some random person to let your realtor and the seller have it so I can at least feel a little better. ;) Too bad that wouldn't solve anything. I like how you said you'd let us know as soon as you figure out the lesson you were supposed to learn from all this. After hearing all this, I can only imagine what kind of strong relationship you and Aaron must have... I don't think many marriages could've survived what you two have gone through. Spirits of steel, that's what I say. We're still praying for you every time we pray... hope it's helping. :)