Thursday, June 3, 2010

Virgina our new home

Well I have to say that I do miss blogging, but with Aaron taking the laptop I did not have the time with three boys to wait for our desktop to load so I am just now getting to some updates.
First Peyton is doing great, his last surgery went very well, we were ready to spend the night and the Doc said we only needed to stay for 4 hours. That news made me very happy, for we were not beind admitted to the childrens just a short stay. The rooms are not as nice as the regular hospital.
We finally said good bye to our life in Minnesota and are now back together as a family. The drive was long but the boys did great. We were suppose to buy a house in Suffolk, but when we went to the final walk through we found our living room to be smelling very moldy. Of course the sellers agent was like no way there is no mold. Let me tell you folks I know what mold smells like I am allgeric to it and I was not a happy camper that night. Plus with all of Peyton's breathing problems I don't want to put him in that house. Needless to say we are stay at a hotel on base. We have told our agent we don't want the house and we are not going to sign, but they needed to get a mold inspector to look at the house and than we are suppose to go back on Friday and see the house. We have already made up our minds that the house is a no go. But we will go and the boys and I will stay in the car. Not only was I having sinus headaches all three boys coughed all night and had runny noses.
Aaron still loves what he is doing and loves that his family is here. Now if only we can find a place to live that would be great. Anywhere in the Norfolk area would be great :) We had purchased our fridge, washer and dryer on Monday since Lowes was having a great sale and now we have return them. I am a little sad about that for the washer and dryer was awesome, but is how it goes.
That is about it for us now. Aaron has tomorrow and the weekend off and than next week is his long week I hope we can find a place to live by monday. Hotel life with three boys is hard.


NannaK said...

We are praying for your family. Karen keeps me posted. We have been friends for 15yrs now and share about our kids. So happy to hear about Peyton! Virgina is a beautiful place! Kathy Hall