Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WOW a long time since last post

Life is sure going by fast for us, it just seems like yesterday that Peyton was going to be born and now he is 9 months old I can't believe my little baby is that old. He is crawling all around and loves to crawl over to the steps and stand and pump his little fat leg to try and crawl up the steps. We are going to be in so much trouble once he is able to do that. Time to gate the stairs.
We have been teaching the boys about money and how it just doesn't grow on trees so if Kodi doesn't have a "issue" during the day he get a quarter at family prayer and KK gets a penny for not issueing as well.
They also get to earn money during the day for cleaning up and doing things that I ask them to. It works most of the time, but Aaron and I are tired of hearing I want this, so if Kodi doesn't have enough money than he can't get it. Last night he bought two quarter toys at Pizza Hut and loved that he was able to do that.
KK is being KK just a stinker who doesn't want to learn to potty train at all so that is a no go I was doing more laundry and clean up than just dealing with the dirty diaper. He still to be a cowboy and wear his cowboy boots all over.
We are finally getting into a routinue and life is getting easier.