Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home again

I am sad to say that we are home :( we had a wonderful time in Minnesota and loved every minute. We had hoped that Katy would have Baby Shane while we were home and we all would get the chance to hold and met him, but he decided he wanted to join the Solko family Friday afternoon, and I got the call Friday morning that Katy's water had broken and she was off to the hospital.
We got the message at 3:32 that he was born and both mom and baby where doing great. Kodi was so very cute he was looking at baby Shane's picture and shouted "I am so Happy" it was so cute I love when we are able to see the pure joy on his face. KK was happy as well "baby Shane baby Shane" he was yelling. Of course we had to tell them to keep it down but we all were very happy.
Peyton is doing great and is happy, he has his two top teeth coming in and is crawling all over we are no longer safe. He is getting faster and faster with crawling and the boys are learning to keep their toys out of his way. Now when he cries we don't hear any strider at all which is great. I am just praying we stay that way until the end of February.
I was able to see my childhood best friend when we were at home and it was go great to see her. We were always together and I love that we found each other again.
Kodi is doing pretty good with his SPD we did great today in church it was our first practise for our primary program which is on the 19th if this month. I was very happy with how well Kodi listened and did what he was told and did not jump up and down on the chairs. After the two hours of being in the chapel and church was over I had to met with the other primary teachers and the presidency so Aaron and the boys went walking around the church Kodi was bear walking and doing what he needed to do in order to get what input he needed. Than the rest of our day was great, Kodi played on the computer he loves PBS kids and he works in his "homework" as he puts it. KK took a nap with Aaron and Peyton. All in all a great Sunday.