Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going home

Going home, that is right it's time once again for Peyton to have his stretching for his breathing which will be done on Friday morning. We should only be at children's for the morning and than we are good to go. I can't wait for us to be home for a little bit. The boys are looking forward to the visit as well.
We Will be driving for two days, and than be home for a couple we will be going to the state fair :) I can't wait for that. We will be celebrating Kodi's and the twins birthday as well. Just a big fun time and I am hoping that Katy's has her baby while we are home. I would love to be able to hold him.
We are still having Kodi tested for speech here, but we will not be putting him in kindergarten, I will be doing pre-k for him. He is just not ready, we have been having many meltdowns because he is stressed about school and scared. So I told him not this year will he be going to school and he is ok with it.
Kingston is doing great testing our limits but that is ok, both boys love having the swings up in the house and love swinging on them. Kingston is getting so very big he just won't stop growing he is a tall 2 year old. Loves doing everything his older brother does, Kodi is not to happy with that but that is the way it goes in our family.
Peyton is growing and getting bigger, he will have surgery this Friday and I am sure he will do just fine. He is cutting 5 teeth right now so we have a runny nose and is crabby but that is what come with cutting teeth. He is almost crawling so very close up on all 4 and gets around. He is able to push his self back to the sitting position after being on his belly and laughs and will reach out to us when he wants to be held.
My boys are growing up way to fast and I wish I could keep them little a bit longer. But I love every minute of being a Mom with them.