Friday, November 2, 2007

Outside pictures

A couple of days ago it was really warm, the last day it was 70 degrees for the season. I took the kids outside to play on the playground and took some pictures of them.

Play time at the Children's Museum

Last friday I took Haleigh Dakota to the Children's Museum. We had a blast playing with all the cool rooms they had. There are two special events right now, Curious Georege and Seame Street.

We played in the Your Community Rooms, which they loved. It has a Metro Bus they can play in, a bank, grocery store, music store, post office, and much more. Dakota loved playing on the bus and waving at the people and kids walking by.

We went into the water room, which Dakota spent half of his time in. He loved playing with the bubble tank, and the flowing water channels. Haleigh like the movie theater and the building blocks room.

We than left and had lunch with Aaron at his work. Which Dakota always loves going and seeing Daddy at work.

Tiny Vacation to Madison

This past weekend Aaron was lucky enough to get a three day weekend. We decide to head down and see Tara and Scott and the kids. Dakota was really great in the car, and loved being at his cousins house all weekend.

It was very fun to see Inara and Dakota playing and both of the get mad at each other for not sharing the toys.