Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chef Kodi

Kodi decide one night to put on Aaron's Chef hat he got down at Disney. Kodi thought it was pretty fun to watch Ratatouille and have the hat on.

Right now as Dakota is getting ready for Baby River to come he enjoys playing with us and loves to kiss my growing belly. He is a very gentle with my stomach and talks about his Baby all the time. We are enjoying the Holiday season, our first snow storm of the year was a good one. Dakota at first was not sure about putting on his snow pants and gave us a really big fight.
Once he figured out he needed to have them on so he won't get cold, he loved it out side. He has played outside for the past three days. He just loves it.
We are getting ready for him to sleep in his big boy bed. It is a work in progress. I am just praying that he will finally get it. We almost have the bedtime routine down, and he loves having us read him books and listen to scripture scouts.