Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our first two weeks with Kingston

Well our family has survied the first two weeks of Kingston live. Dakota still loves his little brother. We are starting to see a bit of unhappiness with his new little brother being here. We have gone back to having a fit when it's time to get into the car and not wanting to change our clothes.

Maybe one day Dakota will figure it all out. I am hoping that this will end soon and we will be right back to being happy and loving life. Kingston is a little eatter. When he came home from the Hospital he was 7lbs and 2oz, when the home nurse came three days later he was 7lbs and 4oz. He had his first Dr check up last friday and he was 7lbs and 6oz. On Thursday he had his weight check again to make sure he was gaining, and he was 8 lbs and 6oz. He gained a whole pound, what can we expect when he eats every two hours and does that all day and night.

He is a good little boy, and he is a keeper.

Dakota doesn't like it when Kingston cries, he holds him hands over his ears and says "STOP BABY STOP". We are working on having him tell Kingston it's ok. We had our first family pictures yesterday and they turned out pretty good. I just wish Dakota would have been a little less shy, but we have one more sitting with Flash so next month will be back to get more pictures of the boys.

We went for our first walk of the spring. It was around 50 degress, so we took the kids around the lake and let them play in the melting snow and have a good time. We all can't wait for spring to fully be here.


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