Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time for hair cut

While Grandma and Papa were visiting us Dakota got a wood tic in his head. Which meant it was time to cut his hair. Easy enough to say but to get Dakota into Kids Hair and actually have his hair cut is a totally different thing. He is getting better and better each time he gets his hair cut, if they don't use the clippers on his head he is ok, once they bring them out and turn them on he starts to cry and wants Daddy to take him away.

Needless to say we got his summer hair cut and he will keep his Mohawk until fall, I am not so sure about the green hair color each time, but we wanted to make that day fun for him, since Grandma and Papa were leaving to go back home after a three weeks of being with us.

I asked Dakota is he wanted them to leave and he told me "no" he wanted them to stay. We are looking forward to their next trip here. We had a great time with Grandma and Papa here at our house.

They watched Kingston grow and they were able to bond with him. Kingston and Grandma would be together for most of the day. Now Kingston is not sure what to do without his Grandma. Kodi loved playing trains and dinosaures with Papa, I don't do the trains t he same way Papa did.

While Dave and Karen were here they were able to watch Minnesota become green and everything bloom. We took long walks along the trail to which Dakota got a tic from, but we still enjoy walking and looking for turtles in the lake. Dakota is still waiting to run his big wheel while we walk. We are trying to get him to use the pedels but he doesn't want to oh well he will learn soon enough.


blondeviolin said...

Y'know...Dan naps with our kids just like must be a family thing.

Good to see you guys post again!