Sunday, June 22, 2008

Como Zoo

Aaron had last thursday off from work and we decided it was time for us to to finally take our first trip to Como Zoo this summer. Well it just happened to be one so far of the hotest days of the year. But of course we had been talking about it all week long and Dakota DID NOT want to go swimming in the pool instead.

So what good parents we are we kept our word and took him down to the zoo. What a blast we had, 5 hours of fun. Which is pretty good since Como is not a very big zoo, but I want to say we saw all the animals at least twice, and to much of our dismay the Polar bears are getting a new home built and it won't open until May of 2010. So that was a little disappointing for us, but we can't wait for the exhitbit to open.

At one end of the zoo they have some kiddie rides and games which of course Dakota wants to do. So we let him ride a couple of rides and the best part is they had a mist area that you could stand under. KK loved it, Aaron would hold him up and let the mist just get him in the head and he would laugh and smile.

Dakota loved to play in the play area,which has a couple of big slides and some area to play in the rocks which you can climb on. Which I think would explain why we spent 5 hours at Como. Once it was time to go Dakota was tried and of course fall asleep by the time we left the parking lot. What a day we had.