Friday, September 19, 2008

School for everyone!

Kingston is a very busy will guy, he can roll very fast and loves to be on the move! He is almost to the point of crawling you can see his little brain thinking about how the heck does he get his arms and his legs to move at the same time, he will get it soon enough.

Dakota is doing GREAT with his speech. He is talking so much more and you understand him. He starts conversations out with you and wants to share his thoughts and feelings. His "fits" have been cut in half and he is becoming happier and happier. This week he started to ride the school bus to school, I wasn't so sure about it since my little guy is only 3 but Tuesday he got right on the bus with no problem, when he was getting off the bus he jumped right into Aaron's arms and yelled "Daddy"(which he calls aaron now) it made Aaron's heart melt! Thursday was another story of getting on the bus he did not want to at all. So we did not make him get on the bus, we took him and Aaron went in and dropped him off and he rode the school bus home.

Haleigh has started Preschool 3 times a week and is very good at it. Her teacher told me how "ready" she was for school and how she just fit in with everyone on the first day! It was a sad day in our house on the first day of preschool, Kodi did not understand that it was not his turn for school and that he would be going on tueday. Haleigh tried her best to explain that it was just for her and that he would be going to school "tomorrow" we watched Haleigh go into her classroom and find a spot of the carpet and we left, with Dakota crying, I was sad to see how grown up she is getting and KK who was very tired. Overall it was a good day for us!