Friday, February 6, 2009

Navy here we come

Ok so most people know by now, Aaron has joined the Navy. He will be leaving for bootcamp on May 6th, he is going in as a hospital corpsman. Which is basically a EMT. I am very proud of him and for him wanted to make sure his family is taken care.
We will moving back into my parents house until we find out where we will be stationed. He has 9 weeks of basic training, and than 14 weeks of "A" school. We are hoping for the West Coast. Aaron is very tired of the cold weather, and can't wait for this new chapter to start in our lives.

Dakota has made leaps and bounds in his speech, he is talking so much more and is starting to use longer sentances. Kingston is growing like a weed. I can't believe he is going to be a year old in a coulpe of weeks. March 1st is right around the corner. Kingston will be getting tubes in his ears next thursday since we have been having an ear infections no stop since Oct.


Amme said...

Congrats!!! Good luck in your new adventure... can't wait to find out where you are stationed.

A. Cobb Family said...

thats awesome that he is joining the navy. You got a great husband, doing everything to take care of his family. (i think its the name cuz my husband is pretty amazing too) Good luck with everything.