Monday, September 28, 2009

Man Time Flies

So I have not been good at all updating the blog, since I sent Aaron the laptop I can't stay up late in bed and blog and surf anymore :(
He was telling me the other day that he was looking at our blog and how much he missed the kids. Which than he told me to update it. So here hun I am updating the blog.
Dakota has been having a really hard time lately with Daddy being gone. He has been going into HUGE fits and wanting to punch and kick me when he is mad. I have talked to his two therapist and they both thought I should have him see a behaviorist and that is what he will be doing. I actually go and see one on Wednesday to talk about what is going and to see when can met with her. He also will be seeing the School behaviorist and I hope that with their help and the help from the Lord that he will be able to put his anger feeling in the right place, and trust that Aaron and I are telling him.
He is such a wonderful little boy and is a true blessing to our family. He getting better with his speech and loves going to his new speech class. He also started preschool today and LOVED it. Which we are praying will help him understand and cope with life a little better. He is in school for 4 days Monday - Thursday 12:30 to 3 so I get a good break which today Kingston and I took a well needed nap. I had planned on doing some work and cleaning up the house, but my body was telling me different so I snuggled Kingston and we both slept it was great!
Kingston on the other hand is doing great with Daddy being gone, he loves to see pictures of Daddy and talking to Daddy on the phone. He has turned into a biter, I don't' know if that is because he is cutting 5 or 6 teeth but when he gets mad at Me or Kodi he will bit you and it hurts. But when Kodi is having a fit Kingston will come and put his little arms around my neck and give me a great big hug. The Lord knew I needed Kingstons little spirit to give me more strength and to remind me why I wanted to be a mom when life is so very hard.
I am trying my best to keep my head up and keep my spirits up for the kids. At times it's hard and I don't want to, but most of the time I will pray to the lord for help and he gives it to me.
Aaron has started this Labs this week and we are down to less than a month until he is done with "A" school. He will be coming home in two weeks for the long Holiday Thank you Columbus :) we can't wait to see him.
I thank everyone who keeps our little family in their prayers for they truly do help!