Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here is our last trip to Childrens. Peyton was admitted on Tuesday night for breathing troubles. I was really hoping we were not going to stay but when his O2 Levels started to drop after he got his 3 neb treatments that was a guarantee stay. I was not sure how that would affect this surgery that was schedule for Friday. We first saw the ENT team Thursday morning since they had already been on rounds Wednesday and they did not make it up to see us. The two Docs we said no way for him to have this dialation, but as the day went on he was making wonderful progress. That night Dr Scott talked to our nurse for an update and she told him how well he was doing on his breathing treatments and he said they were going to keep him on the schedule for Friday. Friday morning came and we saw his ENT team Dr Sidman thought that Peyton was having the trouble from his stenosis and that we needed to do the surgery later that day.
I am so very grateful for our team of Docs, and the knowledge they have. He was right, once they were finished and were back in our room it was Night from Day with Peyton and his breathing. He had stopped retracking, no more rapid breathing, doing great.
Doctor Tibesar was very pleased with how he was able to mold the airway and they are hopping that with the next bronchoscopy we won't have to do a dialation, which is in about 6 or 8 weeks away. After that he will see Peyton in the office and release so we can move. Yes finally we will be moving to Portsmouth Va.
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our family. We can feel the blessing from all of you.