Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday one more week

We have one more week until Aaron comes to spend the week with us and than we are off back VA again. He is so very happy to join us and we are happy for him to be back with us. The boys are so very excited to be seeing him. We had an okay day, I was planning on taking the boys to see HOP but as we were getting in the car Kodi decided to have a fit and so that made our plans go out the door. He was not happy about not seeing the movie. Kingston really didn't seem to mind either way, just as long as he was able to spend some time with me. So as Kodi continue to have his meltdown I took KK outside in the backyard and let him swing and than we went for a walk. We found some birds and squirrels, and KK thought he heard a frog.

By the time we got home Kodi had settled down and was sad we did go and see the movie. We did have a good rest of the night, we had pizza and watched Tangled. I also was able to brush him, which was great. I am hoping to get more brushing in tomorrow, going the whole program again which is every two hours for the first week and than back it off to every 4 hours for another week and than 6 hours until it's just down to 2 times a day.
Peyton is super crabby and not sure why he has a moler coming in not sure if that is it, but all he wants is me to hold him. I love my little boy who seems to be growing up way to fast. I wish they would stay small a little longer.