Friday, July 22, 2011

And we are OFF

We have been training for our three different races this summer, and actually we just added a 4th race. The First one was last Saturday Aaron and I both did a 5k and Kodi did a 1 mile fun run.

I was so very proud of Kodi he didn't run the whole way but did his best and loved getting the metal at the end.
Aaron was done first before me and I was only about 7 minutes behind him. I am loving my running, I love the fact that we run as a family. We love to run down at Mount Trashmore and the boys will sit in the strollers while we run and their reward after we are all done is to play on the huge playground. Which they love.
Our next race is set for August 13th and this one is an 8k mudd run. I can't wait we are going to be entering as a couple and have to finish together. I know I run slower than Aaron but I am just excited to be able to do the mudd run. Kodi isn't sure if he wants to do the kid mile mudd run. I would love him to do it and try, but he is scared of the mudd. Maybe we can work on this with this OT.
Than at the end of Sept we are taking a disney Disney and will be running two races. A 5k in the morning and than Aaron and I have entered a half marathon relay that night. I am so very excited. Not only have I been losing weight I am getting in shape and I love how I am feeling. My boys notice I have more energy and I am happier.
I have the wonderful shin splints and have had to take some time off from running I bough some wonderful shin sleeves and those work so very well. The heat is taking a huge amount of energy out of me, and with it being so very hot we have not been able to run this week. If it was just Aaron and I running it would be different I would run my 30 minutes and make my 5k but with the kids just sitting and Peyton's breathing we aren't going to be taking any chances. He is doing pretty well we are back to nebing him once a day and allergy meds at night.
But other than that this is the longest he has gone without needing to see the ENT. We are getting excited about moving in January we still only have verbal orders to Indian Head, MD and we can't wait. It looks beautiful and I hear it's great. Not any closer to my family or Aaron's and it looks like we won't be heading WEST anytime soon. Aaron is still planning on going to medical school and has about two years of pre-med he has to do. So Starting this fall he will be in school again. Can't wait for that part to be all over, and the med school he is trying to get into Uniformed Services University of Health Science. It is a long road ahead of us but we still feel that is where the Lord wants us.