Monday, July 11, 2011

Growing up way to fast

It seems that my kids won't stop growing, Peyton is getting big but at the same time is only in the 22% for his age my little bug is so small. Kingston is HUGE he is so tall, he come up to Kodi's chin. I have to remind myself he is only 3 and not 4 or 5. Kodi is also tall and skinny he is wearing 6/7 pants but the waist doesn't fit him.
Kingston is now potty trained and loves being a big boy. We are working on not fighting, so I came up with a sticker chart for the both of them and if it's full by the time our Disney trip comes in Sept than they will get to build a light-saber, which they are both excited for.
I seem to be getting older as well I can't believe it's that time again for my birthday and well when I was younger it seemed like "forever" for my birthday to come around again and now it takes no time at all my birthday to come again.
Yesterday was a great day, my lesson in primary was a Big hit with both senior and junior primary. Junior was into a little more than senior but either way we learned about the temple and how important it is to be sealed to your family.
I found a great idea on and used it. I had a picture of the temple under a blanket and told the kids it was a gift from Heavenly Father and they had to guess what it was. Once we figured out it was a the temple they told me why it this gift was so very important. Than I had a handful of kids come put and we made a family we had a and the kids linked arms and they had to walk around together they were "sealed" together. Of course jr thought it was so cool and Sr. well the it was " I don't want to touch girls" of course they were all good sports and did it anyway.
Next I had a ziplock bag and I put in "Lifesavers" the bag and told the kids it was their family and than I dumped the bag on the floor and the family wasn't together anymore. Picking up the family I put them back into the bag and "sealed" the bag shut tried to dump out the family again and couldn't because the bag was "sealed", I asked the kids if they wanted to be sealed to their family and made the kids bags of family and we sealed them up too.
So much fun, I loved being in primary and teaching the kids.