Sunday, July 24, 2011


So we finally got the heat wave the rest of the country has been feeling and man is it hot. We are totally crazy and decided yesterday we should visit the zoo. Yes totally crazy it was great since not alot of people were there but man was it hot out. The best part of the time was we actually got to see the two tigers out and playing. They played in the pool and it was so very cool. Usually they are either sleeping or you can't find them.
The boys played in the fountains at the zoo and we than looked for feathers from the Peacocks and went into the reptile rooms which was nice and cool. Over all we spent 3 hours walking around and drinking so much water. We stayed hydrated and we didn't get sick. The boys did a great job walking around and riding in the strollers.
We than came home and cleaned up the house and watched a movie night, we also watched a very cool lightening storm. Got a good amount of much needed rain and went to bed. It was over a very good day. I love our zoo it's small enough to walk around in about 2 hours and the boys love it. I took KK on Wednesday since Kodi was at a friends house and he loved being in charge of what we do. I want to do a lesson for them on the different animals they love.