Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dakota

Yes, we all know that time flies by as we get older, but it really does seem like yesterday that we brought our little son home from the hospital. He is now 6 years old. He is a joy in our life yes at times he is pushing my buttons and doesn't want to listen and with this SPD life gets hard but I wouldn't trade him in for anything.

I love who he is and who he is becoming. It is the sweetest thing to listen to him remind us at family prayers to pray for a family in our ward who has a sick daughter and this friends dad who is looking for a job, and Jackson who is a friend to get better. Now he doesn't just pray that they will get better but for what each person needs.
I love the faith he has and the wiliness he has to listen to the spirit.
It was his day today and I allowed him to do whatever he wanted. So we watched some TV put together his little box of Lego's (I left the big Lego box for Aaron to put together with Kodi). The only thing I won't let him not do is he had to go to OT today and he loved it, he did a great job and I can already see the difference it makes. He is calmer and more together when we are done. It just reminds me that we need to do more sensory diet during the day. He really does need it.
We than picked up Aaron who had a flat tire on the way home from work let him change and off to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday. All three boys loved it and the place was pretty empty.
It was a good night and a great birthday for him.
His party is on Saturday and it's going to be great, fun he wants a Angry Birds party so that is going to be a great time.
Happy Birthday my son I love you and I am so happy you decided to join our family