Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moving On

As many of you know Aaron has been taking class online with DeVry University since Oct of 06'. He has finally graducated with his Bachelors in Technical Management with focus on Hospitality. YEA!
We decided that if he wanted to continue to work in the Hotel industry he would need his Masters degree, so needless to say he is back in school. The good news is that his classes are all online and he is able to help out with Kingston and Dakota while he is at home.

While working at the Saint Paul Hotel it became apparent that his time with his family was getting pushed aside and work was becoming overbearing, which we decided it was time for him to resign and spend some good quality time at home with us, plus it helped to hurray up him finishing his degree.
In turn we were able to spend two wonderful weeks in Colorado in Januray, allowing Dakota some time to get to know his cousin Jake and his Grandma and Papa. Then came back home and waited for the arrival of Kingston River. During his time at home Aaron and Dakota become very good friends and Dakota is going to be very sad the day Aaron goes back to work, as will I.
I have loved having him home these last three months. As you are reading this you may be getting the sense that Aaron did in fact get a job and you are correct. He accepted an Assistant Restaurant Manager position with Oak Ridge a Dolce hotel and conference center in Chaska, MN. He will be taking his drug test on 3/31/08 and will start shortly there after. He is really excited because this location is not the city and is 15 minutes from home. It is also a worldwide company with many growing opportunities.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boxing Match

Dakota loves to play fight. He will throw off his shirt and pants any chance he gets when it comes to playing boxing match. Aaron and Dakota had a great time the other night getting each other.
I am not sure where Dakota got the idea that he needed to take off his clothes, Aaron says it was when they watched a Ultimate Fighting on TV once. Boys will be boys.

Look at me!

On the day Kingston was born, Grandpa went out to buy a riding motorcyble for the kids. Dakota loves the it. Of course it's a Harley Davis and actually goes pretty fast. We can't wait for this summer for the kids to be able to take it outside to ride.

Coloring Easter Eggs

What fun Haleigh and Dakota had coloring their easter eggs. At first Dakota was not sure what he was doing, but as he watched Haleigh he figured out it was going to be a lot of fun.
He soon was putting his own eggs into the different colors.
Dakota had so much fun his little hands are still pink from the dye. He ended up using his hands to take the eggs out of the dye instead of the little egg holder the kits come with, he just couldn't figure out how to use it. Haleigh had no problem using the little egg holder.
Haleigh was a wonderful sport, she very patienly waited for Kodi to be all done dipping his eggs for her turn. Dakota did not want to share the dyes at all. Haleigh had a lot fun making her eggs sparkle and tye dye, just like Uncle bubba's eggs.
What easter fun they all had.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our first two weeks with Kingston

Well our family has survied the first two weeks of Kingston live. Dakota still loves his little brother. We are starting to see a bit of unhappiness with his new little brother being here. We have gone back to having a fit when it's time to get into the car and not wanting to change our clothes.

Maybe one day Dakota will figure it all out. I am hoping that this will end soon and we will be right back to being happy and loving life. Kingston is a little eatter. When he came home from the Hospital he was 7lbs and 2oz, when the home nurse came three days later he was 7lbs and 4oz. He had his first Dr check up last friday and he was 7lbs and 6oz. On Thursday he had his weight check again to make sure he was gaining, and he was 8 lbs and 6oz. He gained a whole pound, what can we expect when he eats every two hours and does that all day and night.

He is a good little boy, and he is a keeper.

Dakota doesn't like it when Kingston cries, he holds him hands over his ears and says "STOP BABY STOP". We are working on having him tell Kingston it's ok. We had our first family pictures yesterday and they turned out pretty good. I just wish Dakota would have been a little less shy, but we have one more sitting with Flash so next month will be back to get more pictures of the boys.

We went for our first walk of the spring. It was around 50 degress, so we took the kids around the lake and let them play in the melting snow and have a good time. We all can't wait for spring to fully be here.

Monday, March 3, 2008

More pictures of Kingston

Kingston River Hamblin

Dakota would like to announce the birth of his little brother. Kingston River Hamblin was born on March 1st at 1:08 am. My Sister Katy and Adam were there to help me and Aaron out during the Birth. It was great to have such a support team. Grandma took Dakota home with her and he spent the night at Grandma's house.
Dakota loves his little brother and loves to help out.

Please enjoy the pictures.