Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let it Snow!

Winter finally made it's way here, we woke up to snow, it was not a lot but enough to really stick but both boys thought it was pretty cool. Pa also put up a Santa in the front window last night, and when the boys woke up it was a pretty cool surprise.
When I was little we had a house elf that came and left us little gifts during the month of December, well now that I have kids he has decided to come and do the same thing for my boys. Kodi really gets into trying to see Nutmeg and will find his footprints around the house. We love when Nutmeg comes to visit us. Kingston is not sure really who Nutmeg is, but still like the toys he brings. Each boy got a new stocking and a toy, Kodi got two ornaments to paint and Kingston got a ball that lights up. Both were a Huge hit, of course they had to understand that Nutmeg only comes when they are going good, and listening to us.
It's the beginning of our weekend, and I am actually looking forward to this coming week. It was suppose to be our Huge Family trip to Disney world, but because of Peyton we ended up going in October and the rest of my family is getting ready to leave on Sunday, which means it will just be me and the boys. I love my parents for letting us living with them, but it's not us and it's not always how we work. So this next week it will just be us, I can't wait. The boys and I do very well being just the three of us. Than two weeks after that Aaron should be coming home for Peyton to be born and Christmas.
Kingston is not liking the fact that I am putting my foot down when he is starting to act up, but I have to nip it in the butt now before Peyton comes. He is starting to understand that the No hitting rule will get him a spot on the stool for time out.
Dakota is also seeing that I am putting my foot down with him as well, and did very well with the No TV rule in the morning, we will see how well he does with that tomorrow, but this morning was a great morning. I have been praying lately that Kodi and I have better morning, he is pushing all my buttons and getting me very upset very fast which is not good for me or Kodi.
The Lord is blessing me with better patience and as I was listening last night after my prayer I was flooded with ideas on how to make our days go better with Kodi and I am so very grateful for the Lord and being able to talk with him and tell him my problems and concerns. We are so blessed to know that he will never stop listening to us.


Jami said...

I love that elf idea... maybe I might steal it.... ;)

Mary said...

Go for it, Kodi loves it. It's so much fun to do.
I also love getting the gifts, Target's dollar area is great as well as the dollar store!