Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Blog

Hey everyone I have started a new blog and it's all about Kodi and his sensory progressing Disorder it's called A day in the Life of Kodi
We are now getting settled in and loving our house. The exciting news is that we finally got a washer and dryer only took 3 weeks but we got home. I love it, thank you craigslist. We are trying to keep the house clean and picked up which most of the time it works. I need some advice on how to get my kids to pick up. So I want to hear what you call have to say.
Peyton went to the Doctor yesterday for his 6 month check up which we are late one, but at least we did it.
He is in the 75% for height 95% for weight, he is growing and doing great. Yesterday the boys decided to paint and it turned into a full body painting experience. Yes that is right I couldn't believe it. At first I wanted to yell and get mad but I took a step back and thought and did it really matter it was washable paint so I let it go. They had a blast it was fun to watch and into the bath they went. All in all it was a good day yesterday.


Jami said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you! I'm excited to follow your new blog...

To help my kids clean up (even now) we make a game of it. Example: to clean up the hords of stuffed animals in Natalie's room, they play "Bomb bomb babies", where they throw them as bombs into their rightful place. Or, I'll estimate how many things are on the floor and tell them to pick up 10 things or whatever, it helps with learning to count when they're younger. Also, I help. I've noticed when I help them and even sing a clean up song, they're more willing to get it done. (Probably to stop my singing faster - lol!) Good luck!

Jami said...


Kim Ashford said...

Ideas for cleaning up...I found that if I had an assigned place for the toys it was easier for my kids to pick up.

If the toys were in a bucket or a drawer I taped a picture and word on the outside of what went inside: i.e. cars.

Now when I go in my kids rooms I will say - pick up all of the clothes. Once that is done I will say: pick up all of the books. It seems to break down the mess into smaller, easier pieces.

Good Luck!

Jami said...

I agree with Kim... I have a "shelf" with assorted "totes" on it that I labeled with each toy category, that seems to help clean up, especially when they take one toy "category" at a time. Also, it helps downsize clutter. We even have a "misfit toys" bucket for odds and ends toys that don't match the other categories.