Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's been awhile

It's been a while since I last posted things have been crazy at our house and I should be better at posting what is going on.
We had a wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year, Aaron and I ran the Beat the Ball 5k which was a blast, we started at 11:30 I was done just after midnight, Aaron finished in 29 minutes for him it was a good time he had been battling a cold and didn't feel well at all, but wanted to run anyway, our boys on the other hand were in bed and sleeping by 8 it made it an easy night for our wonderful Babysitter.
We still don't have any orders yet so we will try next month, we are truly blessed to have Aaron working in the Career Counselors office and they are working and making sure we get what we want. Right now he is at more training and has been doing great. We are very excited to be going back home to Minnesota for 3 weeks in March, Erica is getting married, Haleigh is getting baptized, Katy is having her baby and we are running the Lucky 7 and KK's 4th birthday Party. So much to stuff into three weeks but it will be great to be surround by our family again.
Peyton has been pretty healthy and hasn't needed to have another dilation which is wonderful it's been a year since his last one and he is doing great. He has started speech and he loves his therapist Liz, he is being seen twice a week, we are trying to get the in home speech program through the city so I don't have be out at therapy 4 times a week. He does qualify for it we just need to do the educational interview and than they will set up his speech in home.
KK is KK we finally took the boys into the eye doc and found that Kodi has great eye sight and KK has astigmatism so he has very cute glasses and loves that he can see. He is doing great on learning his colors and ABC's. He loves playing and of course watching TV. He is also 4 inches shorter than Kodi I believe that Kodi is 41 inches and KK is 37 or 38 inches tall. I have very tall boys. It's hard to remember that KK is only 3 and not older, soon enough he will be 4 and he is looking forward to his birthday.
Kodi is doing great he LOVES school and his teacher, he works hard and enjoys learning. He grades are great and he is working hard to do his best. His speech is coming along and he loves Tia his therapist, His OT is great he doesn't like that he has to miss school for OT and just wants this therapy with Rhonda to be shorter like Speech, but we do our best and he is coming along.
He is reading and loves it when he finds words he knows. I know that reading will be a harder task for him and we are doing our best to teach him and give him the tools he needs.
I hope to do more posting and be better at it.