Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summertime in MN

We have loved every minute here well at least the boys have I have been having  harder time being here I am just plan ready to be stationed and have our family back together. We have another 6 months before that will happen but I am making the most of it here with my family.   We have been keeping busy with playing with cousins going to the gym and enjoying being able to play outside in a much safer neighborhood. I love how my boys will just want to go out and play ride their bikes go in the tree house. I don't even have to say much about going out they just do, a very different from out home in VA.
I have been running alot and will be continue to run my long term goal is the Goofy race in January it's a half and full Marathon with a day in between which is why it's called the Goofy. I just did the Torchlight 5k last night and did my best time PR for me :)   so happy I have 5 minutes to shave off my time to finish under 30 minutes. 
The boys have loved their summer days of playing and swimming which we do alot of. We are either at the lifetime pool, beach or the hanus pool. KK is quite the swimmer he has passed this swim test at the club which was swimming 25 meters all by hiself without holding the sides or touching the ground. He now can go down the slides and swimming without me being right there. He is a little fish in the water.  Peyton is also a fish he has NO fear of the water, will jump off into the pool or lake and just bounce right back up and swim back to me. He is ready for individual lessons but has to wait until he is 3 I am thinking of doing private lessons with him and KK. Kodi is almost to swim team he has to master frog legs for the breast stroke and breathing and will be able to move up to swim team as well. I love having swimmers it's not only a wonderful skill to have but a great workout. I was a swimmer and love it. I have started to swim again and realize how much I missed it. 
Aaron will be able to come home again for Labor day and we are counting down the Fridays until the boys see him.