Monday, July 23, 2012

Swimming Lessons

I have to say my boys are all part fish, in order to be able to use the water slides and not be watched over by Me at the lifetime pool they have to do a swimming test which is swimming 25 meters without touching the wall, lane line or feet on the bottom of the pool, now Kodi took it the first time we went outside to use the pool, KK on the other hand did not I wasn't sure if he would be able to make it, but sure enough on our next visit he mastered that and was so very proud of himself.
He made good use of the slides that day and continues to excel in class, I had another parent check with me to really make sure he was suppose to be in his class Yes he is only 4 just a very big 4 year old.
Peyton still wears his floaty at times but is doing great he just moved up to the older class even though he is not technically the right age the aquatic manager gave us the Ok to move up. He has no fear and can already swim without me. I don't leave him alone in the pool or anything I am right there with him but he loves to jump and turn around and swim back to the side of the pool. He truly has no fear in the water.
Kodi is working on his dolphin kick and frog legs but he loves it. Once he has mastered those two skills he will be moving up to swim team. Both my boys want to so bad to swim on the team, I love it.  With the Olympics coming they are super excited to be swimming and want to swimmers.