Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

It's Birthday Month for us, my birthday was yesterday Kodi's birthday is on the 1st and Aaron's is on the 26th. We are so very excited to celebrate Kodi's 5th birthday. We are still getting settled in for the most part things are put away and have places. Now if I just could keep things clean all the time that would be great. It seems once I get an area clean the boys have messed it up and I have to start all over again.
We finally got a washer and dryer it only took 3 weeks but we finally got one. I love it, being able to do my laundry all day and when I want to. Aaron has switched to nights which has it ups and downs. The plus part is that we are or should be sleeping while he is at work, but that he comes home around 7:20 and goes to bed while we are up and the kids are awake. So far they have been good for him to sleep, but he does wear ear plugs. For me it's hard because we would tag team each other at night with the boys and now it's just me getting up and getting no sleep and I can't sleep when he gets home because he needs to sleep. We have 8 weeks of this. :)
Aaron did talk to his HM2 about getting to another floor or clinic in the hospital with different hours so we are praying he gets something else. When he is working the the morning 12 hours by 4 pm the boys are done with me and our live because crazy, they don't want to listen they fight and it's horrible.
We still have not found a school for Kodi we are told that because he will be 5 we have to put him in kindergarten and pre-k is not an option. We continue to say but he is not ready for Kindergarten and they just don't listen or care. I put a call into the principal and I am waiting to hear back from her so we can go and meet with her.
Happy Birthday to my Boys!


blondeviolin said...

I was just coming here to tell you I hope you had a good birthday yesterday! Good day to have a birthday. :D