Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another day down

It's been a fair good first part of the week for us. Dakota only had school on Monday, which is was very sad with he loves school and I tried to explain why he wasn't going the rest of the week and it did understand "Thanksgiving break".
But the rest of his week is pretty normal to what he usually does. I talked to Speech Therapist about his re-eval and she is very happy with how well he scored on his test. He is in the "normal" range for children his age. Which both Aaron and I are very happy about, Dakota has been working so very hard the past year, and it has really paid off. When you talk to him you can tell that is still has a long way to go with his speech, and some words are hard for him. But he is getting it. The Lord has blessed him so very much with all the help he is getting. We are on Disc 3 now for his music therapy and he likes this one so I pray it won't be a problem of getting him to listen to it twice a day. But we will see.
Kingston is loving the word "NO" and is continuing to put more and more words together. He goes and goes all day long. He right now is my snuggle bunny actually both boys love crawing into my lap and just hugging me and being with me. I love it, I believe all of us need that extra love right now.
We ran to target tonight so I could get another foam pad for my bed, I think I have a total of 3 on my bed, My hips are so very bad at night, and I can't wait to be able to sleep on my back. I knew that Kingston was in need of some new shoes, and I thought maybe Kodi was as well, so of course when we went to look at shoes for Kingston, Kodi found some too and than told me his tennis shoes were too small for him. Which they are, so both boys got new shoes and love them.
I did see the OB on Monday and things are good and Peyton and I are just fine. We did talk about pre-term labor, and the signs to watch for it, since I am 33.5 also 34 weeks along. Which I can't believe.
We continue to talk with Aaron in the afternoons on the web cam and the boys love it. It truly makes a difference being able to see him. He is doing well, a little tired of all of the filing he is doing at the clinic, but at least he is not sitting around and waiting for them to decided on where he will be while he is stationed in NC.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A pretty good weekend

The weekend for us was a pretty good one. We did nothing all weekend long, my parents went on a small trip for the weekend, and it was just my boys and I. I loved it, and I think they did too. The best part of the weekend was on Saturday when Aaron got his web cam up and running and we were able to see him and talk with him. The boys loved it, Kingston just loved being able to see Daddy, and talk to him. Kodi showed Aaron all of his projects he has done in school, and enjoyed just talking to him.
I think on Saturday we spent a good portion on line the boys just played in the computer room while we talked. They did not want to leave Daddy. It was Stake Conference on Sunday, and I was not up to taking both kids without help and battling Kingston running around, so it was another day of just resting. Kodi was not feeling well and so it was good for just him just to rest, he is back to his good old self today. Ready for School and playing.
I go and see the OB today which starts the weekly appts, I can't wait. I am so very ready to have Peyton. We have about a month left and he will be here. Both Aaron and I are very excited.
I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and Iwant to thank you all who pray for our family while we are apart.
Thank you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Let the nesting begin

I can certainly tell that my pregnancy is coming to and end, all this week I have been nesting. It's not too bad yet, but all I want to do is having this clean, of course once I start to clean and organize something I get very tired and stop. Needless to say I am not taking the nesting to far yet.
Kingston is sleeping now in his bed until about 4:30 and than will wake up looking for me. I am hoping and we can brake this before Peyton comes next month. Dakota is sleeping great, he loves his "tunk bed" as he calls it. Kingston does thing he is a big boy now that he can climb down the stairs of Dakota's bed.
At school Dakota has been working very hard on the spelling of his name. He has figured out that Kodi start's with a "K" now where we go he looks for a "K" and tells me there is a Kodi store. It's pretty cute, he loves school so much and hates when he doesn't have school.
Kingston is putting more and more words together, tonight we went swimming with Tara and Scott's family at my cousin's apt and Kingston was swimming with Tara and said "scott, look at me" Tara could not believe it. He is just talking away, I can now stop worrying to much about Kingston having the same speech problem as Kodi.
Both boys love sitting next to me and talking to Peyton, Kodi will put his hand on my belly and tell me that Peyton is crying and waiting his Big Brother. KK just say's "baby" and pats my belly.
Both boys are missing Aaron a lot this week. I am not sure what is going on with that, but KK has been calling for Daddy during the day and then crying afterwords. Dakota just will telling me he is sad, and misses Daddy and that is why he is having a fit.
He is making a great progress with Jenn his therapist he seeing for missing Daddy. They work great together and just with in a month you can tell that she is really helping him. The ideas on who to keep him calm and use his words are great, and Kodi is starting to be able to tell me when he is upset and will not just start to "fight" me but rather go in his room and take some time until he calms down. Of course he still does have some fits and is out of control but no where near what it was before.
I am so very grateful for Jenn's help with Dakota. I am grateful that I am able to help him out, as his mother I am taking the steps that Aaron and I both feel he needs. We have a wonderful little boy and I am always thanking the Lord for his help with Dakota, and for pointing us in the right direction for getting Dakota the help he needs.
I can not believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner, and how each and every day the boys and I talk about why we are thankful for the thing we have.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Counting down the days!

I went last week to see my OB who is wonderful, she wants to make sure that Aaron will be able to be home when Peyton is born, which means she will induce me before 39 weeks if his lungs are ready. We both are praying that Peyton will be ready to come out.
Aaron is now in NC and working finally, he was moved to a different side of the base and only have 5 other sailors with him. He was not to happy about having to leave the Navy side of the base, but what can you do. He is processing H1N1 paperworkd today for the Marines. At least he is keeping busy, last week he was just sitting around waiting for them to move him. Now he actually is doing something.
This month is going by pretty fast and I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. We thought for a minute that maybe just maybe we would be able to fly Aaron home but as we looked at the price of the tickets we quickly decided that was not going to happen. So we will just have to do with talking to him on the phone. I am not sure what he will be doing.
He really likes the ward that he was in and hopes that with this move he will not have to switch wards.
The boys are doing great, Dakota is loving school and enjoys going each day, I get asked all weekend long is it time to go back to school? He has made a huge improvement with this Sensory Processing Disorder, Megan his OT is very happy with how well he is doing and loves the progress, we are now working again on his eatting, it's a long road but I hope that he will continue to do as well as he is diong with this other skills they are working on.
He also will be working on Hand writting that is going to be very hard thing for him and Megan wants to start now and see if we start to help him now instead of later.
Kingston is growing like a weed, He is wearing wither 2T or 24 months and is so very tall. He is starting to put 3 word sentences together for me. He asked me today " I want Gum". He wants to be just like Kodi all the time. I have moved out of "Our" bedroom and into the playroom and turned the boys room into a playroom. We have been trying to figure out how to build the ball pit, but with us moving we all thought it would be best to put that on hold until we know what our next house will be like. So we bought Kingston a full bed that is under Kodi's bed and the boys can jump off onto KK's bed, they love it. I will have to take a picture and post it. Kingston is also now sleeping in his own bed, and makes it most of the night.
I am grateful for being able to have my own bed back, I am not sleeping well at night my hips are killing me and I turn about every 3 hours each night. But soon enought Peyton will be here and I won't have to worry about that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pictures of Disneyworld


We had the wonderful chance for our family to head to Disneyworld after Aaron was done with "A" school. It was a trip that was suppose to happen in December with the rest of my family, but because I will be due at the end of December or the beginning of January my OB told me I would not be making that trip. In the end it ended up working out just great because we were not sure that Aaron would be able to join us in December for our family trip. So we worked it out that we took our Disney trip at the end of the Oct, the rest of my family is still going at the beginning of Dec and they will have a wonderful time.
The boys loved it, Kingston was not sure about characters when they came up to see him but as long as they were far enough away he was totally cool with them. We took a lot of time to let Dakota just play at the soft play area's in Disneyworld and he loved it. We also found out about the Special needs pass you are able to get. Which made our trip so much easier. This pass let us use the fast pass lane and than use the wheelchair access. Dakota was so much better when he was not around so many people and was able to have a quiter area to wait in line. He rode most of the rides, we found it was much easier just to take him on the ride than to ask him which one he wanted to ride. Even though he has been to Disneyworld 2 times before this it was still all new. He really liked splash mountain and thunder moutain rollercoaster, but his favorite ride would be the Andy's Room ride at Hollywood Studios. I think he rode that ride like 8 times in a row and if we would have let him he would have continued to ride it. At Ecpot he loved Test Track, how fast it went and it was just a great ride for him.
The one show we did take him to was Fantasmic he loved. It was loud for him but we put his head phones on and that made all the difference for him, he just loved how Mickey won over the dragon. Kingston did like to ride as many rides as he could. He did not like waiting for Daddy and Kodi to go on the big rides and leave him out.
We spend a good deal of time at the soft play areas they have in all the parks, both boys really loved that. Which for us was a life saver when both boys had enough and they needed to get down and play. Over all it was a wonderful trip and we cant' wait to go back in 2013 with Aaron's family.