Sunday, October 19, 2008

Progress Report

Dakota has now been in speech class for two months at The Therapy Place and "Star Talkers" which he takes at the ECFE building, and he is doing AMAZING, he is working so hard. We can now understand him! He has also started to see the OT at the Therapy Place I thought maybe he had some Sensory Issues and I was right. We have started a "brushing program" where we use a little brush and brush his legs,arms and back and end with joing compressions so far it's been every two hours for the last three weeks we are starting on our 4th week, at least I try to get the brushing in very two hours. During the weekend it's about every four hours.
But I can tell you he is a whole new little boy, he is sleeping through the night. His fits have cut in half and he is a happy camper!
Potty training is going really good. We set the timer for every hour and he goes when the timer goes off. It's great, we have had a couple of accident's but he deals pretty well with them.
Kingston is a trooper he is getting bigger and bigger, he is starting to pull himself up and wants to stand up. Before we know it he will he walking around. It's so crazy how fast they grow.
We have had a nice slow week with MEA this past week and no school for Haleigh and Kodi only had "Star Talkers" once last week. But this week we are off to a full crazy week. Not that I mind it but it was nice to have a slower week. We were running around, way to fast for us.
We have started going to the library and checking out books as well as movies. The Lastest movie that Kodi loves to watch is "Sonic" he saw a little bit at T's house so when I found the full season at the library I got it. It's due on Monday and he will have to part with it. But we have found one Christmas Present for him :) Which I totally can't believe it's almost that time of the year, Target is already putting out Christmas stuff.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When is our family going to get better?

I thought we were all done being sick, but boy was I wrong! Kingst has a check up tomorrow to make sure the pneumonia, I think he has a ear infection again. Kodi started out having a great day and than we got to my parent's house and he played with Inara for a little bit and wanted to watch a movie which was fine. But he did not look right he never wants to just sit and watch a movie.
Tara checked his forehead and he was hot to the touch. I told him we needed to pack up and go home of course he did not want to leave Grandma's and Pa's house, so I told him we could stop and get "COKE" which he calls all Soda "COKE"(should be a sign to me that we need to stop drinking so much soda) which he than got ready to go.
We picked up some small cans of sprite and looked at the movies whic heh did not find any that he wanted, he just wanted to go home. I kept asking if he was going to throw up and he said "No Mommy".
Once we got home he went straight to bed and has been in bed ever since. I took his temp and it was 101.2 I gave him so meds and put a movie on for him. He has not eatten anything but has had some Soda. I tried to get him to go potty he did twice, but his pull up was soaked. Which was ok since he is sick.
I called Aaron to see what time he was coming home cause I started not to fell good and KK had been crying non-stop and Kodi wanted me. Thankfully Aaron was able to leave and come home. Daddy to the rescue!!!! :)
He took KK and I was able to lay down with Dakota. Right before Dakota fell asleep I asked what was sick on him and he pointed to his mouth. I looked in his mouth and there were the spots just Inara had with Mouth, Hand and Foot! Yes we finally got it. I am just praying that KK won't get it.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for us!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday what a Monday!

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by as you stand and watch. That is totally what happened to me. We have not spent to much time with Tara and the twins since the last two weeks someone in one of our familes has been sick and we don't want to pass the sickness along. So finally we are all better and Inara and Kodi really have been missing each other so off we went after dropping Haleigh off at preschool we headed over to Grandama and Pa's house for the afternoon.

It was a fun afternoon Tara got to watch KK "army crawl" across the wood floor and man can he move. Than we both nursed the boys, when I say boys she has twins who are 5 weeks old and Kingston is 7 months and loves to nurse! We sent Dakota and Inara outside to play. I don't know how many time we have told those two to stay out of the grill area where pa puts the charcol, but I could not see the kids so I poked my head outside the back door and to my suprise (really not) they were COVERED in it, from head to toe. Needless to say they both got baths tonight.

Life just seem to pass me by today, just with being around Tara and her kids there are so many kids at Grandma and Pa's house when all of us are home. Tara has 4 kids I have 2 and Katy have 1 so that makes a grand total of 7 kids 4 of them can run around Kingston is trying his best to move like the older ones.

We had a wonderful time I was able to make dinner and have it ready for everyone. I do miss making dinner with Aaron working nights and Kodi not really eatting a lot we usually have ceral or eggs for dinner. So it was really nice to have a good meal with other people. I offered to make dinner every night for them. I love being at home with my Family.

The boys played hard at Grandma and Pa's house they both were sleeping by the time we got home, thankfully Kodi stayed asleep and Kingston went back to sleep around 8:30 not to bad.

So I get some really good quite time for me. I should be cleaning my house or doing something but after today and trying to manage the kids I just dont' have energy.

Potty training is going great! He doesn't want to put Real underwear on yet so pull ups it is, I am praying soon he will want to.
Enjoy the pictures that Dakota took!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

It was a great weekend for us! Kingston is getting better has cough has been much better and he is all done with his meds let's just pray that his check up shows no more pneumonia. He is sleeping through the night again and in his crib.

Last night I had, had it with Diapers for Dakota I am done buying for him. So I decide today was the day to start potty training him. It was a good day, he was dry all day! Needless to say I had him in a pull up, we went to the bathroom every 45 mintues, for the first 4 hours and than Aaron pushed it back another 15 mintues so every hour and he went each time. I am praying this potty training won't take too long and he gets the hang of it very fast.

We were able to listen to conference as a family this morning before Aaron had to go to work, but it was very wonderful to hear our dear Prophet talk about families and how he does miss the days that we are in with our kids. Not being able to always have the toys picked up or even feel that you have made a dent in the moutain of laundry. I got a very good feeling that I am still doing what is right and keeping in coucil with the Lord. I am trying my best to raise good wondeful boys and if my house doesn't always get clean well than it goes dirty for that time.

It's the start of a new week and we have been trying to get up and read our family scriptures in the morning with the kid while they are eatting breakfast. It seems the best time for us. We are all togather since Aaron is at work around bed time and it sets the mood for the rest of the day!

Haleigh and Dakota love hearing the stories. So thank you Matt and Jami for the Book of Mormon you gaves us for Christmas the kids loves reading out of it. We call it our Book of Gold.

The seasons are changing here and it's starting to get cold out at night. You can feel the summer air as gone and autumn is setting in. Before we all now it Winter will be here and a New Year will be closing in.

We have been a totally new little boy with Dakota and his "brushing" I love it. He is calmer, happier and loves life. He seems to just be his old self. We are so very happy to have the help he needs!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The boys!

Let's see a recap of this week! It's been a week for us. Kingston has been coughing up a storm and I took him in to Urgent Care on Sunday thinking maybe he had an ear infection, I was wrong just a cold. Needles to say the last couple of nights have been sooooo bad for us. I decided last night at the last minute to take both Kingston and I into Urgent Care again. I knew I had a sinus infection it's that time of year for me to get them that was a no brainer.... But Kingston was not getting any better. Yes this time he did have an ear infection and she thought Pneumonia. They had Kingston get a chest x-ray done and the little chair he had to sit looked like it was made back in the 1900's or later. I had to hold his hand straight up and he was cry and trying to jump with his legs. But they finally got a good enough x-ray to see that he has it. :(
Last night he slept for a little bit in his crib and than back next to me and he slept all night! I was so very happy.
I got a call from Tara this morning and Inara has hand,foot and mouth, which means both my kids have been exposed to it. I am only praying we dont' get it. Haleigh already has it and we dont need anymore sickness around here. It's Aarons' one day off today and he has gotten a part time job and is working so with me not feeling my best and Kingston sick Dakota gets a fun day of tv!
He did go to school this morning and he doing wonderful with his talking and new words. His fits had been cut in half and he has start OT we found out he has some sensory issues and we are now geting OT along with this SP on Tuesdays. She has started a brushing program with us and we brush his legs, arms and back every 2 hours to get his sense working a little better and with two days under our belt he is doing wonderful! I am so very happy we have found out what has been going on with Dakota!