Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When is our family going to get better?

I thought we were all done being sick, but boy was I wrong! Kingst has a check up tomorrow to make sure the pneumonia, I think he has a ear infection again. Kodi started out having a great day and than we got to my parent's house and he played with Inara for a little bit and wanted to watch a movie which was fine. But he did not look right he never wants to just sit and watch a movie.
Tara checked his forehead and he was hot to the touch. I told him we needed to pack up and go home of course he did not want to leave Grandma's and Pa's house, so I told him we could stop and get "COKE" which he calls all Soda "COKE"(should be a sign to me that we need to stop drinking so much soda) which he than got ready to go.
We picked up some small cans of sprite and looked at the movies whic heh did not find any that he wanted, he just wanted to go home. I kept asking if he was going to throw up and he said "No Mommy".
Once we got home he went straight to bed and has been in bed ever since. I took his temp and it was 101.2 I gave him so meds and put a movie on for him. He has not eatten anything but has had some Soda. I tried to get him to go potty he did twice, but his pull up was soaked. Which was ok since he is sick.
I called Aaron to see what time he was coming home cause I started not to fell good and KK had been crying non-stop and Kodi wanted me. Thankfully Aaron was able to leave and come home. Daddy to the rescue!!!! :)
He took KK and I was able to lay down with Dakota. Right before Dakota fell asleep I asked what was sick on him and he pointed to his mouth. I looked in his mouth and there were the spots just Inara had with Mouth, Hand and Foot! Yes we finally got it. I am just praying that KK won't get it.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for us!


Kim Ashford said...

Ugh, I am so sorry! This has been a tough fall for so many people- gosh I hope the flu season doesn't hit you this bad. Hang in there.

Nikki said...

No fun being sick. . .but I'm glad I came upon your blog as I was blog stalking. . .bad bad habit! my blog is