Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend

This Sunday we are celebrating Katy and Adam's wedding, I know it's almost been a year but they did not have a reception with their friend but we had a very small family celebration after their were married.
This party we are having is a huge thing for us, Tara has been such a great sport, getting everything ready, plus it's at her house. So we will be heading over in the morning to help clean and do some baking.
The kids had a pretty good day, Kodi woke up asking if we would go and play at TT's house since we have not been over to her house since we came back. Xander has had swim lessons over at the Middle school right by our parents house. So they have been over every morning around 10 to drop off Inara and one of the twins for me to watch while she take Xander and the other twin with her.
Aaron starts classes tomorrow he is looking forward to being in class.