Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am glad this day is over

It's been one of those days with Kodi and Kingston, I am not sure what is going on with the two of them, but Kodi was pushing all my buttons. Kingston was crabby and just wanted me to be around.
A couple of calls made to Daddy so he could talk to Kodi about his fits, which made to seem some difference for a little bit. I think he is getting a cold and is just being touchy about everything. Still not sure on the cold or not, I do know that both of us arent' feeling 100 % right now, there is something in the air for me that is getting my allergies and I think it's the same for Kodi which in turn will become a cold for him. I did give him some meds before bed and they knocked him out, he looked at me and said "my medicine making me tried," "Do you want to go to sleep" I asked him "Ok" and Kodi put his head down on his pillow and was out. I hope he has a better night than last night he was up at least 4 times coughing and just not doing well.
Kingston on the other hand sleeps all night long, and I have cut out the his morning nursing, and afternoon ones, so basically all he is nursing for is for nap and bedtime. He is doing great with that, and sometimes he doesn't nurse for nap cause he is naping in the car. Today he took a great nap 2 1/2 hours which he never does.
I was at a baby shower for a friend of mine and I thought when I left the boys would being giving grandma some troubles, but Kingston had just woken up and Kodi was playing with some building toys. Which made me pretty happy.
I am just glad my day is over, I told Aaron that the boys would of had a bad day whether he was here or not. He told me "yes" but if he was at home he would be able to help me out instead of having me deal with all of it, which is true.