Friday, July 3, 2009

The weekend with Daddy

Yesterday was a day filled with joy a excited for our family. The boys did very well for sitting and waiting to see Daddy, we arrived on base around 7:30 and waited just like all the rest of the families until 9ish for the ceremory to start, once it started it took a little bit for the recuites to join us in the drill hall.
It was a wonderful site to see all 670 Recuites graduate and become sailors. By the end of Kingston and Kodi had had enough of sitting and waiting to go and see Daddy, I Kingston with me as I waited by the bathroom enterence for he is screaming. They call liberty to the Sailors and we were than able to go and meet Daddy. I wasn't sure where in his Division he was standing but we found him. Kingston wasn't sure at first but than went quickly to Daddy and did not let go, Kodi was up in the bleachers my Mom was telling Kodi "'Do you see Daddy with Mommy and KK" not until we were going up to the bleachers did he see Daddy,Kodi did not leave Aaron's side while we were with him.
We ate lunch and than had to leave him at RTC while he went to Grad and Go for his "A" school, while he was checking in we took my Mom to Midway airport which took about 4 hours there and back.
We were not sure how much liberty Aaron would get and if he would have to be back on base each night or not. Because we were in town and staying he was granted special liberty to spend this time with us. We get a full 3 days with Him, the boys love playing with him and holding his hand and just being with their Dad.
Both boys call for Daddy and want his attention, I am just glad we are able to be together for 3 days. Our family feels complete again, it will be a sad Sunday night when we have to leave Daddy at the base. Kingston was not happy to leave him after graduation, but at least during "A" school he is able to have his phone and we can call and leave a message and say good night to him.
We are very proud of our Daddy, I still cannot get over how skinny he is. It's great to have him here with us and the boys are enjoying every minute with Daddy.
I will post pictures when I get home and have the right cord.