Monday, June 29, 2009

One day down three more to go

We were suppose to head to the beach this morning, but the forecast did not allow that to happen. It was over cast and around 67 this morning, not food weather for beach play. The kids understood and they were happy just to go over and play at Tara's house.

Of course than all 4 big kids decided it was a day of not listening, it did get better towards the end, but still not the best day we have had. Kingston and the twins did not want to go down for naps, Kingston sleep for about 30 minutes and Max and Leo did about the same.

We finally headed home around 5ish just in time for Uncle Adam to pick up Haleigh, we had dinner and I went to put Kingston down for bed, since it was almost 7 pm, Kodi and my parents had FHE which he loves doing. Than Grandma and Kodi did the dishes played more games, and than went and watched our neighbors set off some firecrackers. Kodi thought that was pretty cool.

I have so much that needs to be done before we leave on Wednesday, let's just hope I can get it all done before tomorrow night.

We will try the beach seen again tomorrow!