Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 weeks and counting

We had another great day, Tara had an eye Dr. appt today so I went over to watch the other kids while she took the twins with her. We had Connie come over and help out and she also brought some lunch with her.
We love Connie so very much, she has been a huge blessing to have her in our lives. All four kids played great today, it was very nice and they all loved being with each other. Today was Xander's first day of Summer Break, I had to tell Kodi that Xander was not in school when he passed his school today. I think he figured it out when Xander was home. They played the Wii for a little bit when we first got there. I told them after breakfast that I was going to put the buzzer on and when it went off they needed to be done with the Wii. The great thing was that I did not need to even put the buzzer on, I just heard them playing house.
Soon enough the they all came upstairs they were being animals, I am not sure what animals they all were, but it was pretty cute.

We stayed until 3 and then headed to Burger King to meet my Mom and have dinner and play in the huge tubs. It's great the Burger King we go to is never busy and the kids usually have the whole thing to themselves.

It's been a nice night, Kingston went down at 7 since he only have a little nap, Kodi is trying not to sleep and sitting here next to me.

In three weeks we will be at the hotel and the kids will be sleeping since we have to get up pretty early to make it to the base on time. I can't believe we have only three weeks left of his basic training. Before I know it we will be stationed and our new life will be on it's way.