Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enrichment night

Yesterday was a day on the go. We had some appointments for the boys and than I had enrichment last night.

We left the house at 9:30 headed down the WIC to pick our checks, than headed over to Kingston 15 months check up. He is doing so well.

Weight - 24 lbs 8 oz 50 %
Length - 32 3/4 90 -95 %
Head - 19 ' 75 %

Dakota had a great day at TTP, it was his little friends last day, when a kids graduates from Therapy they had a slippery slide which they a large mat and place it on one of the ramps and place pillows around it. Then they put shaving cream, and bubbles on the slide down the slide. Kodi loves the slide, he did not go as far as Jack his little friend did. He ended up using the shaving cream as shampoo it was pretty funny.

Enrichment was so much fun, I don't mean to toot my own horn, since I am on the committee but we did a great fun job. We did the night on emergency managment. We had four classes, Water Storage, Cooking without power, 72 hour kids plus medication, and Over all Emergency managment.
It was a great night and I am so very happy it went well. We started the night off in the gym and we handed out glow in the dark glow sticks. We started with a prayer and song, and started to say what was going on when the lights when out, Connie than went out to find out why the lights went out and came back to say we had a huge wind storm and that the power was out. We than divided into 4 groups and went to the different classes.
We had members from our ward teach each class, We are very lucky to have a Brother who does Water storage for a living he works Katadyn. He did a great job and explaining why we need to treat our water and how to storage it.
Cooking without power was taught by another brother who is a wonderful cook and has some great skills, he also made homemade bread for the treat after the night was over. We talked about what are some canned foods we like to eat and how to use them to make a meal if we did not have any power to use.
72 hour kit plus medication was a great one as well. We were given some ideas on how to store our medication and to have a list of what we take the dosage and why we take them. Than to pack out 72 hour kit and to once a quarter if you can repack it and see what needs to replaced.
The last class was the Emergency Management which Scott taught and he did a great job. He spoke about how we need to be ready and we need to make sure we don't leave relay on others to always help us out. He explained how the city and counties can't always come to help out and as the Lord has taught us that we need to be ready and prepared.

I did not get back home until 10 and than KK was up but it was all good. He did go back to sleep and so did I.