Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a great Sunday

We had a wonderful Sunday, Kodi listened this morning and got ready for church with no problems. He helped choose which sweater he wanted to wear and which pants. He was a little upset, that Xander had taken his belt back, but I fixed that when I showed him his fire belt.

We than headed over to Stake Conference. I wasn't sure if we would get a good parking spot or not. I did not want to walk to far with the boys in the Rain. As I drove down the road I could see the parking lot was full and the closer I got to the building I found a perfect spot just outside of the parking lot and right in front of a door, I was so very happy. We headed inside found my Mom to sit with and Conference started.

Kodi sat so good the whole time, I ended up walking with Kingston and listening to what they had to say. We had no big changes to our stake, the message that I got was about personal revelation and not to think otherwise if the revelation doesn't go how you planned. The Lord has a plan, and it's not always how you think it will work out.

We actually ended about 20 minutes early, most of the kids by then were making more noise and wanted to be done. Kodi was at his end so I took him out to a classroom and let him draw in the chalk board, which made him very happy.

Once we made it home our day was great, we ate lunch. I put KK down for a nap and Kodi played with Grandma and let me take a nap as well, which I totally loved. Sonita my cousin came over for a little bit to hang with us.

Dinner time was good, we made homemade chipotle and the kids ate the steak, and chips & cheese, which they loved. I am just happy Kodi ate the steak. Kingston loved the rice and cheese.

It was a great day I wish we had more Sunday's like this one.