Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rain and more Rain

We finally got some much needed rain, but I don't like the fact that it's cold now. I can't seem to warm up at all. It's suppose to rain all weekend long, which is wonderful the grass really needs it.

We have had a rough day, not sure what is going on with Kodi but he sure did not want to listen at all to me. We went to a graduation party for one the families my Mom did Daycare for, which means I am getting old.

Both their girls are now done with High School and are moving on in life. It is very crazy to think how fast kids grow. Before I know my boys will be graduating and heading on a Mission or going to college. I don't like to think about that.

With all the rain outside Kodi and I have been able to read books which he loves to do. My mom has a huge collection of books and he loves to read the Little Critter books. So we went and found all those books and have been reading them.

Kingston was during this time throwing a fit, and he has started this new thing when he is mad. He will either hit you or something near by. This time he decided to pull the table cloth off the table, at least he tried to, which in turn he got in more trouble for. We did this power play for about 3 times and than I was done with it, so I put him on the other side of the gate and he couldn't go anywhere. He did not like that one bit, but he figured it out that it was not a good idea to pull the table cloth off.

The boys than had a bath and Kingston and it was time for bed. He finally went to sleep about an hour later. Kodi is watching his transformers before bed. Saturday is our Movie night and so I put it the cartoon on in his playroom which he calls his "office" and he is sitting at the little table watching his movie.

I am trying to get him to watch something else besides the same cartoons but so far he doesn't want to. But soon it will be bed time and he won't like that, Oh well.

Tomorrow we have a special Stake Conference, so that will be different for us. Not sure what it's about, we justed added a new stake here so maybe we are getting a new Stake President? That is My mom's guess, I guess we will have to wait and see.