Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 30

We had a fun filled day, we spent most of the at the mall just letting the kids play at the playplace. Tara needed to find a dress for a wedding they have this weekend. So I went along to help watch the kids. We had no luck at the first mall, but the kids played and played. They had a great time.

After we came home Kingston had crashed in the car and was still sleeping which was good since he was up at 6:45 this morning. I let him sleep for as long as he needed. Once he woke up we headed back out to meet my Mom. She was taking the kids so I could go and see Star Trek with Katy. I loved the Movie, it was so good. It was also a long needed break. I have not had a break from the kids since Aaron left for bootcamp.

On the way home she called to say she was meeting Tara at the EP mall to look for a dress, I offered to drive and to let the kids play again at the playplace. Since EP mall has a bigger play area. Kodi ran around so hard he was all red in the face. He had found a little friend while we were there. We were at the play place for about an hour or more. Tara did find a dress and when it was time to go Kodi had no problem.

Needless to say he went right to bed when we got home.