Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another one bites the dust.

We had a wonderful day, the kids played great together. Tara came over with her kids after she picked up Xander from school, Scott has started firefighting training this week and is gone until dinner time. They actually stayed for dinner and than left, either way it was good to see her.

My mom is going to be watching the boy for me tomorrow so I can go and see a movie with Katy,
"Kodi what is your favorite dinner" Grandma asked
"Food" kodi replied
It cracked me up. I am not sure why but I thought it was pretty funny. They decided to have eggs tomorrow night.

We saw our friend Dave today, he brought us lunch with was very nice and we talked while the kids played. He is such a wonderful friend and we are very blessed to have him in our lives.

It is pretty nice outside right now, the past couple of days it's been great out, not to hot and not to cold just right.

We seem to have an ant problem in the kitchen by the back door, I put some ant food out for them and I hope it works. I did place it behind the gate so Kingston won't get into it. Kodi seemed very interested in what I was doing and how the ants are getting into the house. I am not sure myself, but it was a fun teaching moment.

He is still awake, having some good playing time with some of Grandma's special toys. Which he only gets to play with when Kingston is sleeping. She has a bunch of Magnets that are like rocks and he loves to play with them.

He and Haleigh had a little battle this morning and I had to put the both of them in time out. Haleigh sat very nicely, and well Dakota did not want to be in time out. So I had to hold him, I did not talk to him or let him know I was paying any attention to him at all. It worked very well, and after he was done, we sat and talked about bitting and kicking people, he cried and said he was sorry.

The Lord is wonderful and I love being able to go and talk with him and have him in my life to help me out. I don't think I could have handled the problem any better, I did not get upset with the two of them I just simple told them they both had a time out.


Jami said...

You're such a good mom, Mary! Kodi's the one who's blessed. (And Kingston, of course.)