Monday, June 8, 2009

Why is it so cold?

I don't understand the weather here, it's been raining which is fine by me we need the rain, but it's so cold. I dressed both boys like it was winter outside. I really hope that it starts to warm up again. It's June and it feels like it's fall outside.

It was a pretty quite Monday for us. Since we have no more school we don't have to rush around to get everything done. We started off with a hard morning both Haleigh and Dakota just continued to bug one abother, not sure why, I ended up spliting up the kids I sent Haleigh to My room and Dakota to the room with the books. Well I went to check on Haleigh about 5 minutes later and she was sleeping. Katy told me she was up at 5ish this mroning which explains why she was "touchy" this morning.

She slept for 2 more hours, after that we had a great day. We saw Tara and the kids for a little bit, which was nice. My Mom came home to let her eyes have a break and we made some homemade bread, and started to get dinner ready, than she was off to work again.
The bread was so good, we had some for dinner. I have to take some to Enrichment tomorrow night.

We than headed over to the church to set up the chairs and rooms for Enrichment.

Another very good night for the boys, Kingston went to sleep without a huge fit, and Kodi played and once I told him it was bed time he and I read our scriptures and got ready for bed said our prayer and he was out.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a busy day, Kingston has his 15 month check up and than we are off to TTP for Kodi, and than to the WIC office to pick up our checks.

We heard from Aaron today, and he is going great. Haleigh had written him and he was very cute about answering her questions.
1) do you sleep on the top or bottom bunk - he sleeps on the bottom
2) how many people do you share the room with - 55 other guys share the room
3) how big it basic training - just a couple of builds and they walk every where

Aaron also put in his letter that his DIV is 234 and not 243, he is not getting all his mail on time because of that.
Some of the other people in his Division are a little jealous about all the letters he gets, in one day he received 9, I am sure most of them were from Kodi and his little pictures.

Thanks for all the support you are giving Aaron he can feel all the prayers we say for him. Please continue to pray for him in his finally weeks at basic.