Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Kids

Today was a day of craziness for us, my kids did not listen, which meant we did not go over to Tara's house to be with them.
We did make it over to the DMV to get my address changed on my license changed. Than we headed over to the library and I let the kids check out some books, I would have stayed a little longer but Kingston had enough of being quite, so we left.

We got home and had some nap time, Kodi just needed a day of down time which he stilled needed as he went to bed. We had a battle of washing the soap out of his hair, which he screamed at me and woke his brother up, I was not happy to say the least. I have to find another way of dealing with his not listening. It's driving me crazy, he does pretty good most of the time, but when he just decides nope i don't want to listen that is the end.

Thankfully Kingston went back to sleep and Kodi calmed down and went to sleep. I am so very glad we get to see Aaron next week. It will be so much better when we are able to talk to him on the phone at night, instead of waiting for his letters.

He is ready to be done with basic, and is thankful it's almost over. He is doing great, he has the last test tomorrow morning and it finished Friday night at 8pm. So please say some extra prayers for him since he will not be able to sleep at all during that time. I can't believe how fast the 8 weeks have gone by.

We are off to the beach again tomorrow I will bring my camera and get some pictures of the boys in the water and how much fun they have.