Saturday, June 27, 2009

The weekend

We have had a great weekend so far, yesterday we spent the day playing, swimming and it seemed as if we did not stop. The best part of yesterday was that we got a phone call from Daddy.
He is doing great, he is all done with training and has a couple of days to just be, and not having to learn or test or anything like that, He is glad that the training part is done and over with. He has a cold which isn't to good, and was very tried when we talked to him, since he had been up since Thursday morning, and was not going to bed until Friday night at 8 pm. They did get to sleep for 10 hours that night.
He is looking forward to seeing us and being around his family again. Dakota loved talking to his Daddy and told me "Daddy all done with Training" which he doesn't understand yet that we do get to see Daddy but than Daddy has to go back to training. I am thinking it will be a sad day when we leave daddy again. But at least Aaron will have his cell phone during "A" school.

Kingston would not say"Hi" to Aaron at all, he looked at the phone and listened but that was about it. He has been walking around the house again saying "Daddy, Daddy" it's pretty cute.

Today we had a fun day, we started the day off with getting ready for Uncle Adam's Grad Party, which was good to go to. Than we came home, rested a little bit, the kids played and Grandma took Kodi and Haleigh to go see Peter Pan which was a community play that Aunt Erica was the stage Manager for. He loved the play, which was good.

Kingston and I headed to the Mall for some shopping it was not a successful trip for me, but KK got a new pair of shoes. Which he needed really bad.