Friday, June 19, 2009

Garage Sale at last

Yes that is right, we finally got up and running this morning, well it was more like noonish when we finally were ready either way we did pretty good.
The kids had a blast running around outside and playing in the items we were trying to sell. We had most of the neighbors over sometime with their kids, which they all bought some movies and toys.

I was selling our Red Bull bar light which Aaron got from work, some kid wanted it, which was fine, I was very happy to get the 5 dollars for it since we did not pay anything for it.

Kodi will be getting a little three wheeled spider man razor, he doesn't know that and we will be giving to him for his birthday, he was riding it all around today. Tara's neighbors are selling it. He is going to be so very happy.

My mom came around 1ish and took Inara and Kodi back home with her and let them play there. Which was a huge help, Xander went with the next door neighbor and his kid to go garage sale shopping, so we just had Kingston and the twins, plus my cousin and her two girls. But the babies were a hand full today. Kingston did not want to be out of my sight.
I would put him on my back, but he did not like that, I put him in the pak and play which he just cried. I finally put him down for a nap and he slept pretty good until Giai starting barking stupid dog.

Thankfully my Aunt came back over and watched over the garage to give us a break, and take the babies in.

We are continuing with the garage sale on wed - friday of next week. Tara has more to put in, so that should give her more time to get things out.

It was a nice day not to hot but still very nice out.