Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 31

Our day was a good one, we just spent the day at home, and enjoyed playing with the toys. I started off the day with a headache which is still bugging me.

We were suppose to go to the ward campout tonight, but with my head pounding there was no way I was going to do that. Katy did understand, and Kodi did not seem to mind to much since Xander was over. They both played great together.

I got a double jogging stroller from a ward member and I actually got to use it tonight. It's great I love it. I am determined to walk every night, with my mom. It ends the night for me just right. I let Kodi run around and he gets out his wiggles for the night.

Kodi has decided that he is going to whine tonight, not sure why he is doing this but it's bugging me way to much. This is where I wish I had my other half home to take over. At least help out a bit. But oh well

I did hear from him today, his letter took forever to get to us. He is doing well and can't believe bootcamp is half over. Before we know it we will see him. He doesn't like that some of the guys in his division can't seem to shut up. So they have been doing some extra PT again. They also had some tests and pasted with flying colors. Which was good to hear.

When he called last week he said he could tell how much better Kodi is talking and he is so very proud of him. Kodi is talking so much more. Longer sentences and is trying his best to use the right words. He is working on his colors still, he seems to know them when you are matching colors but when you ask him what color is this, he has a hard time tell you. Sara his speech therapist noticed it. She is working very hard with him on that.
They are also working on shapes, he has been working very hard on making a cirlce, he doesn't seem to understand when to stop drawing his cirlces. But on tuesday he did stop and find the dot he started with. They were both very proud of him.

I am so very proud of him and how hard he works, I can see the blessing he was given unfold and come true. He is making such wonderful progess. We are so very blessed to have the services here and waiting for him.