Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garage Sale here we come

Today was a great day for us. The kids did a great job playing and listening to me. :) I love that, Kodi and Haleigh played while I put Kingston down for 2 naps this morning. The little stinker was up at 6 ish and than went back down around 8:30 up at 10 and that I put him back down after lunch.
He is so crabby I don't know why but he just is. My Mom is done in the office around 12:30 and she takes all the Big kids for about 2 hours and gives Tara and I a break. I headed over to her house once again, but this time it was for us to get ready for our Garage Sale tomorrow, at least that is the plan if the rain holds out on us.

I can't wait to sell my stuff, and if it doesn't sell than it's off the the Goodwill than. We actually have a lot to sell, my counsin Macie came over to put some of their things in the garage sale. If it doesn't end up raining than we are ready for next week.

Kingston was pretty happy to play outside while I set up, but he continued to run in the back yard and not stay with us. I ended up putting him on my back and wearing him while I unpacked and refolded the baby clothes.

The Kids came back after 2 hours and spent the rest of the day outside playing. All 4 were very tired before we left. I told Kodi since he was so very good and listened to Grandma today and made the right choose when he was getting upset, he wanted to kick Grandma because he was upset with Inara, he chose to listen and calm down and sit in a different chair and do the project. Which is a huge step for this little boy. I was so very proud, I guess after all the things I tell him are setting in.
I told him I would take him to McDonalds since we have not had fast food in about 3 weeks. He was very happy, I even told him we would eat inside, a double treat. That is what we did for dinner, he was very happy. As we walked out he asked for ice cream, I just laughed and told him No since we just had a treat.
He was ok with it.

Home it was for us, as we were driving home we saw Grandma and Pa driving the other direction of course kodi was upset because they were not home, I called Grandma and asked when they would be home, She told me they were out getting some pumpkin seeds for the garden. Since the kids were asking about growing them.
Kodi was happy to hear that and stopped his fit. The boys than had their baths which was much needed. Kodi is even washing his hair with no fits :) I love all the hard work he has been doing at TTP it is really paying off.

Now they both are sleeping and it's very quite.

Aaron sent both the boys the postcards Mom and Dad had sent to Aaron. Kodi didn't understand why he couldn't open the post card to read. KK held on to the postcard until he was asleep. We are getting very excited to see him.


Jami said...

Yay for two more weeks! I wish I could see the look on your boys' faces when they see him! You should totally capture that on film and blog it. :) Yay!

blondeviolin said...

I hope it doesn't rain on you and that you make some decent money off the garage sale. :)