Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach Time

It was so very hot today, we decided to tag along with Tara and her kids while they went to the beach for swimming lessons. I was going to put Kodi in the same class as Inara, but we would be missing the last two days of class because of leaving for Aaron graduation.

Once we finally got to the beach we learned that in order to park by the beach you have to have a permit, which meant we had to park far away, thankfully I bought the stroller, we got everyone out of the car and finally down the to the water.

Man did my kids love the beach, Kingston wanted me to let him go free in the water, of course I did not let him do that. But he just kicked and splashed and laughed. Kodi jumped off the dock and than he and Inara tried to catch the little fish in the lake. Of course they did not get anything but they sure did have fun trying.

We finally got them all out of the water and back in the car, we did not want to spend the hottest part of the day at the beach since the Max & Leo don't like the water, and they were getting hot. We headed back to Grandma's house for Lunch and Nap time.

After nap time we headed back outside for some sprinkler time, of course Kingston was all about that, he loves the water. Finally the kids had enough of the heat and each other. Tara went home and Kodi had some time to undwind.

Grandma than did FHE for us and than gave me a break she took Kodi and Haleigh down to DQ for a treat and I put KK to sleep since he only had a 45 minute nap today. So I have had no kids all night, :) thank you Mom.

Pa is out of town and she usually has a sleep over with the grandkids, so tonight she asked if Haleigh could sleep over and Kodi tried to sleep with them, but he just came and asked if he could sleep in his own bed. I am very proud that he tried to be with them. Usually he doesn't want anything to do with that. Now he is in his own bed and ready for sleep to take over.

Tomorrow we are headed back to the beach, than TTP and than we are off to the family I used to Nanny for, they have a pool so more swimming.