Monday, June 15, 2009


We had another great Sunday, I truly love when Kodi gets ready and does what he needs to do in order for us to be on time to church.

We actually were 1o minutes early to church got a good parking spot and it was great. Kingston on the other hand was a screaming, I really don't like his little high pitched scream. We spent the majority of the time in the Mother's room.

Than we headed off to nursey, Kingston loves playing with all the toys and being able to run around. I counted today all the kids and we have a grand total of 7 kids. Most of the kids are 18 months or just a little older. We are finding it hard to keep them busy after snack time. They are a little to young to do a craft besides coloring, and singing time is about 2 minutes long, if we even have it. I guess the Singing Lady from Primary doesn't come in which I am not so sure I like, we are going to try and get someone to come in and do singing time.

At least I am just a helper and not the leader I am grateful for that.

After church we had a wonderful chicken dinner and Adam come over to see all of us. It was great, Kingston wasn't sure at First than he threw his little arms round his neck and hugged Adam and did not want to let go. He stayed with Adam for most of the time they were over.

I am glad he is back and he had a good time, Haleigh is very happy to have her Dad back as well. This week should be a good one, we are getting ready for our garage sale at Tara's house, we want to be able to just open up the garage and have it all ready. So we are getting everything put out and ready to go this week.