Thursday, June 25, 2009

One week until we see Aaron

It was a very good day for us. Another very nice day out, we headed to the beach this morning, while it was not as hot, all the kids loved it. The twins even liked playing in the sand, I think maybe by the time summer is over they will like th water.

Kingston walked back and forth from the water up to the towel, just loved bring water up to us. Max and Leo sat in the sand and either tried to eat the sand or just played in it. Leo even crawled out to the sand toys and was just playing.

Kodi and Xander found a friend, jumped in the water. Once Xander started swim lessons Kodi came out of the water and played in the sand. I just watched the boys and took turns with Tara in the water.

We were going to go back to Tara's house to open the garage sale but both of us did not want to. So we decided to just leave the stuff and I am going to pack it back up and head over to the good will. I am done and over with the garage sale as well as Tara is.

It was a much better day today than yesterday. We are very happy this week is coming to a close it's one week from today that we will be with Aaron.


blondeviolin said...

Yay! It seems very quick for me that you're seeing him already. I'm sure for you it feels like forever in some ways. I'm glad you're down to that last week stretch! If his experience is like anything we've had in the Air Force, communication should be a lot more forthcoming after he's out of Basic. Congrats for making it this far!