Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We had a fun filled day, we started off at the grocery story which the boys love to help grandma, she gives Kodi little assignments to help her and KK gets the "drive" the cart. I just go along to get out of the house.

We than headed over to another graduation party for one of our ward members, Kodi didn't understand why she did not have birthday candles on her cake since it was a party. LOL
He did have a good time, we even saw Auntie Melissa there.

We than headed down the Saint Paul to have some park time with Tara's Family and another Family. They kids played for a good hour or more it was pretty hot out, Kodi was all red in the face, and tired, but he had a great time.

We than headed back home for dinner, and we found out that Mom and Pa had some friends over. Grandpa did some steaks for dinner and Kodi wanted a Hot Dog on the grill so that is what he got.

I thank headed back to fold more laundry and put the clothes away, that I had started this morning. I did get those put away and KK wanted to be put to sleep, so that is what I did. We watched Happy Feet while he went to sleep, and than I headed out to Target for a little break.

It was a good Day. Tomorrow we get to see Uncle Adam. Kingston will be very happy to see him.